Pacific Ocean Marketplace

Great selection of products

"Was very impressed with selection of products and organization of aisles by country (great aisle signage). Was quickly able to find what I needed and had a lot of fun looking at everything else!" - Connie

Wide variety

"Love the variety offered! Nice that it's clean and stocked as well!" - Lisa

Friendly and helpful staff

"Best place to find all the ingredients you need to cook the foods you love from China, Japan, Korea, Thailandl, India, etc. Staff is friendly and helpful." -  John S.

Love Pacific Ocean Marketplace

"We've been shopping at the Pacific Ocean Marketplace for the past four years, and have loved every visit. Since we lived in China for 25 years there are many things we've grown to love, and the only place we can get these things is at the Pacific Ocean Marketplace."...

Filipino Items

"I have lived in the Denver metro area for over 15 years, but have not found a grocery store that carries Filipino goodies. When a friend recommended POM, I was so excited to find many Filipino snacks, spices, frozen foods and other meats and fish I could use to cook...

Low Prices

"Awesome! And prices are far below all local grocery stores, including Sams. I took my recipt into Kings and Sams everything I bought at Pacific Asian was at least 50 cents less then the other 2, including meat and sea food. Unbelievable selections on everything. It...

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

"We love going to POM and while it is a special trip, because we live in Brighton, it is always worth it. Beyond just the specialty items I can't get at my local store, the fruits and vegetables are always fresh and plentiful. The prices are excellent and we always...

Great Selection of Asian Foods

"Huge store with a great selection of South Asian foods. It's as big as some super Walmart center or Costco. Also was surprised to find some Polish and Russian treats like preserves or pickled vegetables (they even sell pickled watermelon!)" - Dmitry B.

Great Variety of Asian Food

"Well organized and a great variety of Asian food. Every department is exceptional -bakery, produce, fish! And they make the most wonderful sandwiches!" - Cincha