Pacific Ocean Marketplace

All the right ingredients

"My daughter gave birth to my first grandchild on my first day in the United States. My son-in-law recommended we go to POM to gather ingredients to make nutritious soups for her to drink during her one-month recuperation after giving birth. I found the ingredients I...

Vegetables & Spices

"Moving from China to Denver, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find foods that I enjoyed back home. POM has some of the snacks I loved back home and has many of the vegetables and spices I use to cook my family's favorite dishes." -Carol

Go-To Chinese Grocery Store

"POM is my family's go-to store for Chinese groceries. Even though we have moved further away from it, we find ourselves still making the drive in order to benefit from the large selection." -Teddy

3 stores in Denver Metro Area

"I have shopped at POM for about 30 years, and have seen your growth to 3 markets to serve Denver area. Very proud of you. In particular, the Aurora one. You will continue to be successful!" -Hsiao-Ming

Love POM!

"Love going to the POM! Very fun looking at and purchasing the various fruits, vegetables and seafood items. I really appreciate the housewares section too. Everything you need and ideas for additional meals." - Jan

Fair Prices

"I enjoy the selection of products to choose from and the prices are fair."- Russell

Fresh Seafood

"POM is my go to market for fresh seafood and exotic and hard to find fruits and vegetables. They care the best variety of tea and 3in1 coffees in the entire metro area. They are truly a one stop shop for my Asian and other hard to find items." - Bob